Your partner for automotive software
Your partner for automotive software
Annotation Tool ADTF Independent
Validation Assisting Process
ADAS Validation Framework
Annotation Tool Based on ADTF
A large part of our work is centered in software solutions of the automotive industry.
Your partner for automotive software
With more than 25 years of expertise in system-, network and application- software development in the auto industry, our computer scientists, engineers and physicists are experts in the established programming language, modeling technologies/ techniques, tools, processes and standards. As software specialists we are primarily interested in undertaking projects in research and development.
Autonomous Driving Cloud Service Platform
Autonomous Driving Cloud Service Platform
Autonomous Driving Cloud Service Platform
Ground Truth Annotator
Ground Truth Annotator
Ground Truth Annotator / Label Editor – Labelling Tools
Process and Data Management Solution

Current news

Saturday, 01 October 2022 01:00

Unterschleissheim, 01.10.2022 – Philosys Tools Source Because of a long-term project with high priority, our business focus has changed. Therefore we are selling our labeling technology  in...

Wednesday, 09 June 2021 01:00

Unterschleissheim, 09.06.2021 – Philosys Labeling Platform - New GUI Philosys has upgraded the GUI of the Labeling Cloud for better usablity. Philosys Ground Truth Annotator and VALassistPRO are...

Monday, 08 February 2021 00:00

Unterschleissheim, 08.02.2021 – Philosys Ground Truth Annotator 2020 Philosys has released Ground Truth Annotator 2020.

Monday, 01 February 2021 01:00

Unterschleissheim, 01.02.2021 – Philosys Labeling Platform - Demo Operation Philosys has started demo operation of the Philosys Labeling Cloud. Philosys Ground Truth Annotator and VALassistPRO...

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 00:00

Unterschleissheim, 22.07.2020 – Philosys Ground Truth Annotator 2020 - Semantic Segmentation 2D/3D Ground Truth Annotator 2020 will support integrated 2D/3D segmentation with object data filters.

Monday, 13 July 2020 00:00

Unterschleissheim, 13.07.2020 – Philosys Ground Truth Annotator 2020 Preview Philosys is currently working Ground Truth Annotator 2020.

Sunday, 02 February 2020 00:00

Unterschleissheim, 05.02.2020 - Philosys Ground Truth Annotator 2019 The new  Philosys Ground Truth Annotator 2019 is available now. It is a improved version of Philosys Ground Truth...

Monday, 13 January 2020 00:00

Unterschleissheim, 13.01.2020 – Philosys Labeling Platform Philosys Ground Truth Annotator and VALassistPRO is now available als Philosys Labeling Platform (PLP) for those that want to...

Our clients value our flexibility as local providers which enables us to react quickly and precisely to any current issues. Our team of employees employs knowledge from earlier projects to help serve new and regular customers.
Constantly on the lookout for new ideal solutions for our clients, we keep a close eye on the active Linux and open source communities that offer a wealth of innovative ideas.
This relationship is based on reciprocity, as we, too, contribute to the continuing improvement and expansion of this wide product range.

By networking with these communities we also gain access to key figures in software development, and thereby procure information faster in order to facilitate product development.

The open source operating system Linux is increasingly found in mission critical environments as well as other multiple surroundings.
We will assist you with system analysis, development,  integration and implementation of your new Linux-based hardware- and software architecture. We will also help you  migrate to Linux from other systems.

Thanks to our experience with the internals of operating systems, including network- and security implementation, we have a variety of service offers:

  • The runtime error corrections of Linux vendors are not always ideal It is often difficult to discern whether the problem originates in Linux or in the utilities. Our interposed support system service analyzes and solves potential problems at short notice with interim fixes, patches or workarounds, allowing you to continue operations until our support personnel arrive.
  • Our software development support service assists you with the development of your software infrastructure for Linux systems. We can advise you on the correct usage of software components and create any needed  components for your system. We also can optimize your system to operate close to real-time.

Our support service is complemented by our system- and user software development capabilities with embedded systems, and system administration on Linux and Solaris systems. We also develop technical applications for the automotive sector as well as various others.

We will gladly take over entire projects within the framework of an outsourcing agreement. We will also send employees into established teams to work on partial tasks.

Our developers have years of experience testing units on Linux targets with open source tools. Elsewhere, tests can become expensive and time consuming without the use of open source tools. We believe that high quality solutions must be found at a justifiable cost.

By integrating software tests in the early stages of the software development process, later and more extensive tests can be avoided.
Our developers will gladly consult with you. If desired, we will create a test framework to meet your  individual needs.

We provide you with support services throughout the entire engineering process, from system analysis to structural development, and integration and implementation of your Sun hardware- and software architecture.  We are able work with Sparc systems as well as x64/x86 platforms.  
Scalable services, failover resources, and Oracle/RAC are a few tools we use with Sun Cluster to ensure high availability.
The interaction between Solaris and the wide range of visualization technology, from hardware domains to the logical domains of CMT systems, containers (zones), xVM virtualbox and Vmware  must also be overseen.
We also make use of ZFS, a combined volume manager and file system that should be mentioned in context with Solaris.

We have in-depth knowledge of the architectures of operating systems, including network protocol. For Solaris 10 systems, Dtrace can simplify performance tunings for Solaris, the network, and Disk-I/O and provide information concerning bottlenecks and troubleshooting.
Every one of our employees is a trained system administrator with years of daily experience with Solaris systems. We administrate, configure and optimize your systems in mixed environments. To simplify management, we additionally script all daily processes.

We are very familiar with the remaining portfolio of sun products and how to make use of them. MySQL, PostgreSQL, StarOffice, Java, and Storage management are but a few of the tools we utilize.
 We are experienced in the newest developments and applications of OpenSolaris, OpenHA (Colorado), as well as planned improvements at network level (Crossbow).

We provide customers with professional support in carrying out projects.  We take on the overall organization of the task, including project management, analysis, design, implementation as well as quality assurance and system integration.

Real time requirements are becoming increasingly important because of the continuous growth of the  smart device network in software development. These systems have become indispensable in almost all areas of electro technical and technical development fields, necessary for virtually every operation.

This is especially true for developments in automation-, measurement- and control engineering and feedback control systems. Real-time simulators and real-time intelligent onboard operation systems have become indispensable to today’s automotive industry.

Because of our work with driving simulation, in which complex calculations are carried out in real-time while simultaneously connected computers must be synchronized within a defined reaction time,
Philosys has been able to gain vast experience in the area of software development for real-time systems.

We benefit as well from our experience with Linux operating systems. This is clearly demonstrated by our optimization of Linux kernels and drivers under real-time conditions, as well as our intensive involvement with complementary products (RTAI-, OSADL-extensions). We also work on commercial solutions for the Linux market, as well as proprietary platforms like Windows and VxWorks.