In the past few decades the importance of applications supported by software in automobiles has shown a consistently significant increase. New research and expertise concerning security, usability and comfort will continue to enhance and further improve our motor vehicles. The automotive industry utilizes software- based networking components in many relevant industrial divisions. The demands of the many features' interconnectivity and security requirements, as well as for their reliability, must be met by the software engineering systems.

With more than 25 years of expertise in system-, network and application- software development in the auto industry, our computer scientists, engineers and physicists are experts in the established programming language, modeling technologies/ techniques, tools, processes and standards. As software specialists we are primarily interested in undertaking projects in research and development. Due to our specialized knowledge we are able to convert engineering knowledge, electro-technology, cybernetics and acoustics into software solutions.

Auto manufacturers as well as industrial suppliers profit from our flexibility and ability to give on-site maintenance and to integrate into established development teams.

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