Unterschleissheim, 05.04.2017 - MDS Technology is distributor for South Korea

To improve distribution in the asian markets MDS Technology and Philosys signed a distribution agreement for the Philosys Label Editor. 

MDS already sells a lot of well known tools used to develop and test automotive software and takes over to complete business process with our existing and future customers.

Philosys Label Editor is used during development and test of diverse Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for ground-truth-data collection. Various objects are manually or automatically marked and tagged with detailed traits. All kinds of vehicles, lane boundaries, traffic signs as well as pedestrians and wildlife are registered and verified by the assistance system for use during validation, and the data can be used for generating reference data for Deep Neural network (DNN) learning and validation.

The ADTF based Philosys Label Editor is available as of the beginning of 2011. Its many features facilitate the annotation of video scenes and reference data. This results in a significant cost reduction for the annotation process.

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