Philosys has been operating for Fujitsu Siemens since the beginning of the 1990's.
One project involved the maintenance of approx. 35.000 installations in Europe, the second level support of the operating system sinix/reliant unix for the product lines RM, MX, NSC, Targon, as well as diverse additional products, for example: Legato, NetWorker and Spool.

We provide troubleshooting with fault analysis and error correction. We also handle maintenance for the security tools Audit, Aseco and Horus.
Additionally, we participated in the TransView production development by conceptualizing and programming diverse SNMP agents. Further, we executed a POSIX implementation on BS2000 mainframes.
Philosys has optimized the Reliant Unix Kernel regarding TCP/ IP networking and has developed diverse Sinix device drivers (LAN drivers).

A different project dealt with with the configuration and commissioning of high availability clusters of BS2000/Sinix hybrid computers. Yet another assignment involved the analysis of various Sinix/ Reliant unix operating system variations concerning the millenium bug Y2K, including the correction and allocation of adjusted versions. We also ported a DCE-DFS (Distributed file system) 64-bit reliant unix.

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