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Are you interested in using ADTF efficiently without having to solve every problem yourself?

Make use of your ADTF hotline. We either know about the problem already, or will be able to solve it within a short time.

You can contact our ADTF Hotline via email or telephone. Your request will be forwarded to our competent staff. You will receive a solution as soon as possible, depending upon the complexity of the situation. All queries are strictly treated  confidentially. The applicable costs will be transparent and itemized.
Our ADTF Hotline has been running for more than a year and is in extensive use. Our clients satisfied with the process and with the quality of our ADTF support, which includes all information on the utilization of ADTF. With our twenty years experience in the different aspects of this field, we are confident that we will find solutions for any problem.

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.