For more complexly embedded applications we recommend implementing an application service layer in which services for communication, data storage, audio- and video functionalities are combined. By way of a system independent interface (API) these can be made available to the application.

When developing applications, we are relatively independent from the operating system. Because of this we are able to forgo focusing on any certain software platforms. The basis, whether Linux, Windows or any proprietary system, becomes secondary. We develop application software in any chosen framework, preferably in C++ or Java.

A deep understanding of the specific demands of application development is needed to create a successful solution. We are versed in engineering, telephony, automotive  technology,  medical technology, building services and consumer electronics. More importantly, our software developers are accustomed to confronting challenges and familiarizing themselves with the specific issues that come with new fields and topics.

 With the help of embedded applications, we transform our clients' core competence into IT. Close cooperation, shaped by mutual trust, is indispensable for the success of software development. Together we are able to create the best possible, highest quality product and consequently the highest possible customer satisfaction.

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