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Due to its popularity as a server and desktop operating system as well as its excellent scalability, Linux has become very popular in the embedded systems market. There are many advantages to choosing Linux as your preferred operating system: Linux is cost-efficient, open, stable and robust. Linux supports standard hardware and is available in source code. Among many other considerable advantages, software developers are often well-versed in the system. Linux' less pronounced real-time ability can be enhanced with RTAI and other Linux add ons.
Philosys ports Linux to all common embedded processor platforms (x86, ARM, PowerPC,IPS, SuperH, Coldfire) and develops drivers for  non-default supported interfaces.
Our software engineers generally work in an integrated development environment. This is usually equipped with traditional tools for software development or is built upon an IDE Framework, Eclipse, for example.

We will gladly support our clients with the selection of appropriate hardware as well as with the  board bring-up.