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The label tools Philosys Label Editor and Philosys Ground Truth Annotator are programs for annotating video-data and reference data streams, and it can be used to visualize and analyse sensor data recordings.

Philosys Label Editor is based on the EBAssist/ADTF framework and integrates seemless into this environment.

Supported Data Formats

 LE Formats

Philosys Ground Truth Annotator can be used independent from ADTF, and can be used in any environment.

Supported Data Formats

GA Formats

In this context, annotating stands for the tagging of real objects in video and reference data streams. Depending on the shape and attributes, the objects can be manually or semiautomatically tagged with various geometrical objects and annotated with certain traits. The result is used to for validation and testing of Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) algorithms, for machine learning and DNN testing. The label tools also support labeling of reference data streams in 3D space for validation of ADAS/AD environmental models and sensor fusion.

The label tools use Qt and OpenGL to display the user interface, video/reference data, geometrical objects and traits.

Following windows are used in the process:

  • VideoView for displaying video images, reference data and annotated objects.
  • InspectorView for displaying and modifying geometrical objects over time.
  • ObjectView for a detailed description and modification of the geometrical objects and their traits.
  • SettingView for displaying and modifying the settings.
  • Console for messages

The various windows allow for the creation of an individual work environment depending on the activity performed (annotation, modification, control).

The label tools characterized by the following features that, compared to other implementations, considerably facilitate the labeling of video scenes and allow for adjustments to individual demands:

  • Extensive unrestricted definition of label data structure in XML format via XML structure.
  • The ability to read videos and reference data various data formats.
  • The ability to label by mouse and keyboard ( individual key settings).
  • Support by various object markers (dot, line, rectangle, parable).
  • Extrapolation/Tracking while adding new objects.
  • Overview of the condition of all objects over time (InspectorView).
  • Detailed depiction of the traits of all objects (ObjectView).
  • User interface windows can be freely distributed over the screen and/or onto other  screens.
  • Support by ADTF filters for preprocessing video and reference data (CAN, Lidar, Radar, Point Clouds) for display (PLE only).
  • Annotating in parallel recorded video data.
  • Full 3D annotation/labeling/visualization of reference data.
  • Executable on all ADTF supported windows platforms.
  • EB Assist runtime license is needed, as the Label Editor is based on ADTF.
  • 64-bit version available for Windows 7/10.

For Philosys Label Editor an additional EBAssist/ADTF Runtime license is required.

Philosys Label Editor can be generated for specific ADTF version starting from version 2.9.0 to allow use of ADTF binary filters for preprocessing. Please see more information in the News and YouTube.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment for a demonstration.

More than 1000 users already rely on our sophisticated and reliable Label Editor for labeling/annotation a vast amount of recorded sensor data.