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Philosys is a service company with a portfolio concentrating on pioneering developments in software processing.

Automotive software A large part of our work is centered in software solutions of the automotive industry. Philosys has collected years of experience in research and development in the auto industry, especially in the fields of driving simulation, autonomous traffic simulation, assistance systems and embedded systems.

Use us. We have been successfully supplying our clients – from the automotive industry as well as from other industries– with development projects for system- and low-level programming software since 1988.

Embedded systems. In close collaboration with our clients we work on developing applications for embedded systems on all common processor architectures using modern tools.

Competence. The automobile industry is one of many industrial branches in which pure knowledge of the application is not sufficient to create and conduct successful software projects. A profound knowledge of the functionality of the specific operating system is essential to the smooth operation of complex applications.

Flexibility. We execute complete projects as well as partial ones, depending on the contract stipulations. If desired, our staff will gladly support our clients own team with specialized expertise in order to achieve success.