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Our latest service offer further complements our extensive portfolio within the field of automotive services. To ensure the trustworthy functionality and quality of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), large amounts of sensor data must first be visualized in traffic videos and subsequently analyzed.

These traffic videos are implemented by driving down streets and filming the surrounding environment. The images are recorded on cameras and other equipment, such as laser scanners. These test drives take place in all weather conditions and at every time of day and night in a variety of different environments.
The resulting data builds the foundation for all ADAS functionality and quality tests. The ADAS algorithms are programmed to correctly detect all objects relevant to the ADAS and to ignore distractions.

The functionality of the object recognition application can be verified with applicable software tools. Unfortunately, the automatic verification malfunctions in hazardous weather conditions and with poorly recognizable objects. These specific objects must be evaluated manually. In these specific cases it is necessary for a person decide which objects are relevant or non-relevant for the ADAS.

Philosys offers a non-automated evaluation (Annotation or labeling) service for such cases.