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Philosys has a longstanding connection to the automobile industry due to software development. Our enterprise covers a considerable range of system programming developments:

We have been designing and maintaining driving simulations since the 1990's, employing the use of fundamental Linux system programming ( real-time, network, distributed systems). Traffic simulation and the integration of driving assistance systems are features of this venture, as well as the planning and execution of experimental testing.

Philosys is active in the various stages of development for driving assistance systems. We devote particular attention to the integration of driving-assistance systems in respective test- and simulation environments as well as the applicable software interfaces. Matlab/ Simulink is a popular solution in addition to developing software in C++/ Java for Linux and Windows.

In the area of research and development, automotive firms often make use of the tool ADTF, which was originally developed by Audi and functions as a framework for the integration of sensor- and assistance functionality.

Philosys has achieved expert knowledge of ADTF by working with ADTF and on projects of ADTF development. This knowledge is an important basis for our work with the automobile industry and their suppliers.

In many cases we apply a combination of automotive and IT- skills for our work with embedded systems or open source software. These are becoming increasingly essential in the development of vehicle systems.