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Real time requirements are becoming increasingly important because of the continuous growth of the  smart device network in software development. These systems have become indispensable in almost all areas of electro technical and technical development fields, necessary for virtually every operation.

This is especially true for developments in automation-, measurement- and control engineering and feedback control systems. Real-time simulators and real-time intelligent onboard operation systems have become indispensable to today’s automotive industry.

Because of our work with driving simulation, in which complex calculations are carried out in real-time while simultaneously connected computers must be synchronized within a defined reaction time,
Philosys has been able to gain vast experience in the area of software development for real-time systems.

We benefit as well from our experience with Linux operating systems. This is clearly demonstrated by our optimization of Linux kernels and drivers under real-time conditions, as well as our intensive involvement with complementary products (RTAI-, OSADL-extensions). We also work on commercial solutions for the Linux market, as well as proprietary platforms like Windows and VxWorks.