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We provide you with support services throughout the entire engineering process, from system analysis to structural development, and integration and implementation of your Sun hardware- and software architecture.  We are able work with Sparc systems as well as x64/x86 platforms.  
Scalable services, failover resources, and Oracle/RAC are a few tools we use with Sun Cluster to ensure high availability.
The interaction between Solaris and the wide range of visualization technology, from hardware domains to the logical domains of CMT systems, containers (zones), xVM virtualbox and Vmware  must also be overseen.
We also make use of ZFS, a combined volume manager and file system that should be mentioned in context with Solaris.

We have in-depth knowledge of the architectures of operating systems, including network protocol. For Solaris 10 systems, Dtrace can simplify performance tunings for Solaris, the network, and Disk-I/O and provide information concerning bottlenecks and troubleshooting.
Every one of our employees is a trained system administrator with years of daily experience with Solaris systems. We administrate, configure and optimize your systems in mixed environments. To simplify management, we additionally script all daily processes.

We are very familiar with the remaining portfolio of sun products and how to make use of them. MySQL, PostgreSQL, StarOffice, Java, and Storage management are but a few of the tools we utilize.
 We are experienced in the newest developments and applications of OpenSolaris, OpenHA (Colorado), as well as planned improvements at network level (Crossbow).

We provide customers with professional support in carrying out projects.  We take on the overall organization of the task, including project management, analysis, design, implementation as well as quality assurance and system integration.