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The open source operating system Linux is increasingly found in mission critical environments as well as other multiple surroundings.
We will assist you with system analysis, development,  integration and implementation of your new Linux-based hardware- and software architecture. We will also help you  migrate to Linux from other systems.

Thanks to our experience with the internals of operating systems, including network- and security implementation, we have a variety of service offers:

  • The runtime error corrections of Linux vendors are not always ideal It is often difficult to discern whether the problem originates in Linux or in the utilities. Our interposed support system service analyzes and solves potential problems at short notice with interim fixes, patches or workarounds, allowing you to continue operations until our support personnel arrive.
  • Our software development support service assists you with the development of your software infrastructure for Linux systems. We can advise you on the correct usage of software components and create any needed  components for your system. We also can optimize your system to operate close to real-time.

Our support service is complemented by our system- and user software development capabilities with embedded systems, and system administration on Linux and Solaris systems. We also develop technical applications for the automotive sector as well as various others.

We will gladly take over entire projects within the framework of an outsourcing agreement. We will also send employees into established teams to work on partial tasks.