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This high availability platform is used as a common denominator for various mobile telecommunication applications.

For financial reasons standardized hardware components (Clusters) and operating systems (Solaris, Linux) are used.

Software, for example Oracle database or other OEM software, as well as software for the insurance of high availability are able to run on these systems.

Philosys participates in many sub-projects for the system integration of the planning and documentation of hardware configurations that usually are comprised of two node clusters and shared storages made by various manufacturers.

A further project of ours, relating to installation procedures ( sh, perl, etc.), is aimed at enabling the automatized installation procedure of a complete platform. This includes allowing software update procedures to be executed while operating without service interruption.

As a result of many years of NetWork experience, Philosys has developed a recovery system for cluster software in the event of total loss or failure. With this solution software a fast volume manager configuration re-establishment is possible, as well as the restoration of data by means of EMC NetWorker.

Philosys also has developed tools for the configuration of redundant LANs, as well as

access via ssh and VPN (IPsec).