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Are you interested in using ADTF, but cannot invest a large amount of time and energy?
If so, you have come to the right place. We design your ADTF components to make your guidelines compliant with ADTF standards.

Philosys has years of experience in the design and development of nearly all Components for ADTF based software.

Please find here an excerpt of our product range:

  • Device input filter development
    We are able to create an ADTF video device filter for cameras, that can be connected to a variety of different interfaces ( Frame grabber, USB, Firewire, Ethernet or specialized hardware). These cameras are able to produce one or multiple pictures in black & white or color. Additional data provided by intelligent cameras can be delivered in any  desired format on the filter’s output pins. Camera settings can be adjusted by the ADTF properties at the beginning, or also during the runtime, depending on the supports of the device. We also are able to create an  Qt-surface for an easier manipulation of the parameters. Obviously, we are also ab able to connect devices other than video cameras with ADTF.
  • Process filter development
    We design ADTF Process filters by integrating your selected algorithms and, if desired, create a  Qt-surface for the easier configuration and modification of run-time parameters.
  • Output filter development
    We develop filters that visualize data with 3D scene graph or  OpenGL. We are also able to implement configuration- and control elements by adding a Qt-surface.
  • ADTF service development
    We develop ADTF services that provide assistance to other components. For instance, a central GUI service can take charge of administering and controlling an entire ADTF application.
  • Complete ADTF application development
    We further specialize in creating entire applications based on ADTF, with or without  Qt.- interfaces. Depending on the requirements, the application is designed in C++ or Python.
  • Distributed ADTF application development
    We create distributed ADTF applications that communicate via the ADTF Message Bus. This optimizes communication.

This is a merely a small sample out of our product portfolio.

At your request we will gladly provide a qualified engineer as developer for your team, or deliver a complete solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.