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Samstag, 01 Oktober 2022 01:00

Unterschleissheim, 01.10.2022 – Philosys Tools Source Because of a long-term project with high priority, our business focus has changed. Therefore we are selling our labeling technology  in...

Mittwoch, 09 Juni 2021 01:00

Unterschleissheim, 09.06.2021 – Philosys Labeling Platform - New GUI Philosys has upgraded the GUI of the Labeling Cloud for better usablity. Philosys Ground Truth Annotator and VALassistPRO are...

Montag, 08 Februar 2021 00:00

Unterschleissheim, 08.02.2021 – Philosys Ground Truth Annotator 2020 Philosys hat Ground Truth Annotator 2020 freigegeben.

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