Unterschleißheim, 31.7.17 - Out now: VALassistPRO Starter Pack

This starter pack has several restrictions, but it costs only about 30% of the full version license. You save 70% of the regular license fee !!

The starter version comes with a series of prefabricated plugins that implement a validation workflow which is sufficient for many users. Very soon after installation and final setup your system can go live. 

If, after a while, one of the included plug-in modules doesn't fit perfectly with your requirements, it can be exchanged at any time against one that is customized specifically for you. That also applies to scalability and system constraints. If you wish to cancel some restrictions after a while, you can purchase an upgrade at any time.

The starter pack version of VALassistPRO is therefore perfect for those who don't require the "big" solution right now, but still need a reasonable management system for ADAS validation.

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