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The results are evaluated after the test runs. How well do these control device results correlate with the reference data from the labeling? These verifications are carried out scene for scene, or image for image. Finally, a certain value is calculated from these comparisons, which assesses the quality of the control device (KPI). This value can be used as a reference for further tests.

What can VALassistPRO do for me?

VALassistPRO obtains the test results and automatically compares the results with the reference data. VALassistPRO then calculates the KPI with the predetermined specifications. The calculation rules can be retroactively changed, and thus all established KPIs re-calculated. Of course, new KPIs can be determined at any time and retroactively used on all run tests. This is valid for individual scenes, all scenes, or a sub-quantity with certain criteria. (“KPI only in night scenes”).

The numbers are subsequently archived and readily available without need to repeat tedious testing. A long-term archive is possible – even if the scene data itself has not bee saved.