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As soon as the scenes have been selected, they can subsequently be labeled. For this, the reference data must be defined within the scenes themselves. As a rule, a person (annotator) views the scenes and marks certain referential objects. Automated programs or devices that have already analyzed the scenes and added relevant data can support the annotator. Laser scanner data can be utilized as well and as easily as raw data from the CAN-bus.

What can VALassistPRO do for me?

VALassistPRO bundles work-packages. Once a scene, after having been defined and cut, has been transferred to VALassistPRO, the post-processing phase begins. VALassistPRO then processes the scenes: automatically accessed programs activate, extract and compute data. This step is the automated phase of the annotation process that should be run before the labeler is activated.

VALassistPRO subsequently delivers all relevant data on request. A labeler (or his project manager), need only request pending orders on VALassistPRO. A work package can, depending on workflow and definition, consist of one or many scenes. The annotation process itself can be run off- or online.

  • Online: the Annotator can load individual scenes with direct access to VALassistPRO and immediately begin working. Results can also be directly uploaded.
  • Offline: the Annotator can record a large number of scenes onto a hard drive, to later process them without VALassistPRO access. The results can be delivered in one finished package.

VALassistPRO assists in the correct labeling of scenes: a specialized (optimized) QA-workflow allows multiple labeling, control labeling or software supported evaluation. Any other form of workflow is also conceivable.

When the labeling has successfully finished (defined by the workflow), the scene is test ready. If one later realizes that the scene must be re-labeled, due to possible changing requirements, they can easily be processed in one short step. The consequent versioning of all results allows returns to earlier result versions.