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Before the validation process can begin, some preparations must be made. The test conditions must be gathered; test systems and equipment must be assigned and prepared. Furthermore, one should begin reflecting upon the final objectives and upon the reliability of the soon-to-be tested system. Now is the time to formulate key performance indicators (KPI) and define thresholds. Also, now is the time to decide what is relevant to each scene and what is later to be annotated (labeled).

What can VALassistPRO do for me?

VALassistPRO is configured with a base collection of finished workflows and calculation examples. These can be a basis for further consideration. Example projects contain finished label instructions that can be a foundation for personalized directives. This phase is mainly a planning phase. Existing experience, with either the built-in VALassistPRO examples or earlier VALassistPRO projects, is helpful in creating a strong fundament for the project from the very beginning. The Philosys VALassistPRO team additionally offers comprehensive assistance for this phase of implementation.