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VALassistPRO is built on open standards, to ensure that the system can easily be built into pre-existing infrastructures. The server can be run with Windows and Linux. VALassistPRO utilizes the JavaEE technology.

A variety of plugin interfaces enable an individual workflow definition. Finished plugins are supplied including source codes, and custom plugins can additionally be written. Individual software and frameworks (such as the well known ADTF) can easily be included and utilized. An SDK supports in developing individual plugins.

The system can be expanded to a number of co-server systems to easily enable a performance increase.

Inherent security mechanisms protect company critical data from forbidden or faulty access.

The fundamental design allows for the usage of scenes and reference data beyond the boundaries of the project. Scenes can accordingly be shared and reused, with or without changed reference labels.

Processes and user interfaces specially developed for large amounts of data allow the start and running of lengthy operations without unnecessary interference. Offline modes enable the transmission of label data from many scenes in one bulk upload.