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After fundamental requirements and test equipment have been identified, data is created, that is subsequently fed into and run on the testing devices (control devices of driving assistance systems). Reproducible tests can be repeated with this data. Newer generations of control devices or device software updates can be tested under the same conditions. The resulting finds can thus be compared with each other.

The traffic data collected by the sensors is usually recorded in an accordingly equipped vehicle. The control device does not necessarily have to be built into this vehicle. It suffices that the relevant sensors can deliver the necessary data. It is only essential that the same sensors are used that later will be utilized in the serial device.

What can VALassistPRO do for me?

VALassistPRO actively supports the recording process: the specific conditions of recording for the preparation phase are included in the VALassistPRO system. The system can monitor the recorded scenes and calculate whether these comply with the set conditions. For example: 50% of all scenes are recorded at night. The person recording – usually the driver or his passenger – is also supported by the system.

The recording person receives a list of pending scene conditions, facilitating the recording itself: With an user interface, the recording person can have a recording medium prepared, on which all required software has been placed. Before, during, or after the trip the recorded scenes can be classified to the respective scene conditions. For example, one is able to specify if the scenes were recorded at night.

VALassistPRO assists in archiving the records and preparing them for further development and tests. One only needs to plug-in the recording medium to benefit from this feature. This can be done from any computer (notebook) that is connected to the network. The rest of the process is automated. It is further recommended to begin these operations in the evening, as often very large data packages can thus be transferred without interference until the next day.