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In order to test the control devices or algorithms, the scenes are played for the assistance systems. This means, the data is fed through the corresponding interface with a special hardware or software structure. The HIL or SIL (Hardware/Software in the loop) should be run after every change to the to-be tested components. The results (for example, found objects) are saved and utilized for further analysis.

What can VALassistPRO do for me?

VALassistPRO controls the tests fully automated. The user need only chose the testing candidates. These can be all scenes, individual scenes, or a sub-quantity with specific criteria (for example, night scenes). VALassistPRO records the scenes onto connected controlling devices or starts the appropriate SIL software.

Any number of devices can be run parallel to each other to shorten the testing period. VALassistPRO regulates the optimal utilization of the devices and establishes an initial status to be able to later obtain comparable results.